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Planning Commission Work Plans
The Michigan Planning Enabling Act requires planning commissions to "make an annual written report to the legislative body concerning its operations and the status of planning activities, including recommendations regarding actions by the legislative body related to planning and development." (MCL 125.3819)

The Planning Commission has prepared a separate Annual Work Plan starting in 2007.

The earlier work plans were simply a best guess of the site plans and other actions that would likely appear before the Planning Commission in the coming year. More recent work plans have identified priorities for the Planning Commission and recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The most recent work plans cover a two-year period, to better aid in long-term planning.

All of the Work Plans are available below. Additionally, hard copies are available at the Township Hall.
Staff is unable to locate work plans for 2008, 2010, and 2011 at this time.

2018/2019 Work Plan

2017/2018 Work Plan

2016/2017 Work Plan

2015 Work Plan

2014 Work Plan

2013 Work Plan

2012 Work Plan

2009 Work Plan

2007 Work Plan (July)

2007 Work Plan (January)

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